The Givey Digest 2018

by Gemma Harbias

6 June 2018

Check out The Givey Digest, catered for small charities!

We are so excited to launch our NEW GIVEY DIGEST! This is a special treat for all the smaller charities, a chance to start a fresh new strategy, with some handy tips from our 5 Top Influencers!

1st Step

We wanted to create something, that could help small charities for 2018. We felt, that if we were a small charity we would value some time to talk to a experienced and successful professional in the non-profit industry. So, first we decided on a topic that we know would interest our small charities – ‘If You Were One Of The Forgotten 95, How Would You Succeed?’. Then we discussed our aims and objectives of this project in the hope we would create great content for the small charities. Our aim was to provide valuable content that would benefit the charities. Our objective was to deliver it in such a way, that it would be easy, free and simple to access.

2nd Step

Now that we had our plan and decided to present it as a FREE Digest for all the small charities, we needed to collect our content. This was kindly given from 5 professionals that are very clued-up about the non-profit industry. We contacted each of them individually with our topic question and how we would appreciate their support for the charities. They all provided excellent advice and tips that we then edited in to our digest.

3rd Step

Soon as the digest was ready, we published it on Amazon so small charities could simply download it for free. As well as this, we will be continuing to promote it across our social media channels in the hope it will help a small charity and their cause.

If you would like a copy of this handy digest for you and your small charity, click on the link below. 

We wish you all the luck for a successful 2018 and hope this digest provides you with what you need for the future of small charities.


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