Benefits of Business and Non-Profit Partnerships

by Gemma Harbias

3 May 2018

Many businesses now partner with non-profit organisations. For many reasons like, CSR benefits, strong employee relationships, higher revenue, increase in donations and much more!

However, some of these relationships don’t last very long and some fail to achieve the benefits of this type of partnership. However, by following these practices, you can feel positive, the next partnership will be successful.

Best Practices For Business and Non-Profit Relationships

Please note, for the partnership to be successful, both parties need to take on responsibility throughout the process.

Best Practices For Businesses

  • Keep your communication clear and simple. Be open and highly communicative. In order for communication to be passed on and organised, delegate one person to be responsible in keeping the non-profit organisation up-to-date with every part of the process.
  • Use the non-profit logos, branded materials etc as they have given them to you. Do not alter them and follow their guidelines. If you really need to edit something, make sure you ask their permission first.
  • Be quick and professional in delivering donations. It is the best practise in generating reports and delivering the full donation as soon as possible.

Best Practices For Non-Profits

  • The same accounts for non-profit organisation. Be clear and open in every aspect of communication. It is important to have a specific person to communicate and not use any other means of communication e.g. customer service line or customer email. Achieving this will bring strong, long-term relationships.
  • Be sure to choose your brands graphics, logos, images and guidelines carefully to then pass on to the business to use as per agreed on. Not forgetting this includes, certain key words you wish them to use and what/if any, words/phrases not to use.
  • It is common for the business to promote and publicise the partnership. Make sure you do too. You your email, social media service etc to tell your supporters of the new relationship and how it will be benefiting the cause. Do make sure you also share the businesses press releases, social media posts etc to show good partnership support.

The most important aspect to this partnership is that the community and cause benefit from this relationships success. This can only be achieved when both parties follow these best practices of a business and non-profit partnership.

Be sure to drop your comments below on which of your best practices, have helped you and your partner achieve success for a charitable cause. Or for more best practices follow Givey’s CEO on Twitter @MehtaNeil7

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