Prostate Cancer – What You NEED To Know!

by Gemma Harbias

10 April 2018

In the UK, over 40,000 cases have been reported every year. That makes Prostate Cancer the most popular cancer in men.

According to a study by Orchid Charity, 37% of cases were diagnosed too late, this is a worrying a fact. At Givey, we want to help spread awareness about prostate cancer in the hope everyone learns the warning signs and gets tested. (Please refer to NHS website for more information)

6 Warning Signs

  1. Frequent, bloody or painful urination
  2. Difficulty in urinating/emptying your bladder
  3. Weak Flow
  4. Needing to rush to toilet
  5. Needing to urinate more frequently, often during the night
  6. Straining and/or taking a long time while urinating

6 Causes

  1. Family History – having a close family member who developed prostate and/or breast cancer increases your risk of developing prostate cancer
  2. Ethnic Group – more common in men of African-Caribbean and African Decent
  3. Age – risk rises the older you get. Most cases occur in men over 50
  4. Weight – obesity increases your risk
  5. Exercise – regular exercise decreases your risk
  6. Diet – Evidence is found that high amounts of Calcium increases your risk. Therefore a healthy diet decreases your risk

Ways You Can Help

  • 40 years old is the recommended age to get tested. You can do this at your local GP
  • Support those diagnosed
  • Inform your loved ones about prostate cancer so they too can get tested
  • Get support from a charity
  • Volunteer for a charity supporting the cause
  • To provide more support to those diagnosed, donate to a cancer charity
  • By fundraising for a charity, you can provide more support and research in to the field
  • Do your research and learn all you need to know about prostate cancer
  • Keep yourself healthy to decrease your chances of developing prostate cancer


There are also many charities and fundraisers you can help, such as the ones below;

Lets spread awareness to help there be a better future for men and a fighting chance against prostate cancer! #ProstateCancer

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