Water Poverty: Why We Need To Beat This!

by Gemma Harbias

22 February 2018

Where there is poverty, there is water poverty and vice versa. So, why do we need to beat this?

Well, first of all everyone NEEDS to understand exactly what happens to those experiencing water poverty.

  • No access to sufficient water
  • Water that is available is unsafe therefore, dangerous to a persons health if consumed
  • Sanitation is poor therefore increases health risks
  • Children unaware of hygiene and need to be educated
  • High risk in diseases because the rivers/lakes carry raw sewage
  • Having to walk miles and miles for clean safe water everyday, many in unsuitable conditions
  • Fetching water falls on women and children to get. It is hard work and dangerous.
  • Time spent fetching water means less time at school for children
  • Time spent fetching water means women have miss out on a paid job
  •  Women and girls suffer from sanitation problems during there periods
  • Low amount of food is grown on the farm, therefore leading to hunger for many families

This list could go further and I’m sure you agree that it’s a horrible situation to not have regular access to clean water.

That’s why we have put together a list of what happens when water poverty is reduced, plus some charities you can support so they can achieve these goals and together WE CAN BEAT THIS!

Development Goals in Water Poverty

  • Reduces mortality rates
  • Enhances peoples lives
  • Reduces amount of diseases caught by poor sanitation and unsafe water
  • More children educated
  • Higher income for families because women have more time to work
  • Improves nutrition
  • Increase in food growth on farms
  • Increase in the economy
  • Ends hunger
  • Children health will improve
  • Girls don’t have to miss school
  • Women and girls can keep clean during period
  • Healthier babies being born due to healthier mothers during pregnancy

You can imagine how much more can be achieved if we can come together and reduce water poverty. So we kindly ask our fundraisers, donors and supporters to do something today, whether thats volunteering, spreading awareness or donating. Every little helps and can bring us that one step closer to achieving those goals for a better life, with safe clean WATER.

Check out these charities or you can find some more great charities on https://www.givey.com/explore

Water Harvest https://www.givey.com/waterharvest

Hope Spring https://www.givey.com/hopespringwater

Water Aid https://www.givey.com/wateraid

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