10 Facts You Need To Know About Dementia

by Gemma Harbias

12 February 2018

First let’s explain WHAT DEMENTIA IS?

Dementia is a brain disorder where a loss of brain function has occurred. Unfortunately these conditions are progressive and can be severe, therefore making it a terminal condition.


10 Facts You Need To Know About Dementia

  1. Symptoms: Everyones symptoms can be different. From memory loss and confusion to problems with speech and understanding. Some experience hallucinations, delusions and even craving for particular foods.
  2.  Figures show 850,000 people live with dementia and this is set to rise to over 1 million in 2025! This is just in the UK, over 45 million are affected globally.
  3. Although common in the elderly (meaning over 65), this disorder can occur from those with other brain illnesses. Aswell as age it is more common in women and some say it is more common in Asian and African decent but it is much more of a global issue.
  4. More research is required to provide more effective treatments for a better quality of life
  5. More awareness is required to improve the quality of life and how this can be achieved
  6. Carers need more support to reduce the emotional, physical and financial strain
  7. Every 3 seconds a new case of Dementia is reported
  8. Facts show Dementia research is underfunded
  9. As of yet no cure is found however treatments can help people to live with their symptoms better. In additions, the more funding there is, the more research can be done which can hopefully lead to better results for those with Dementia.
  10. Early diagnosis can improve life of people with dementia and their families. Contact your GP, local charity etc to make the journey of living with dementia easier.

You Can Help!

  • Volunteer at a research centre, care centre, local charity etc.
  • Visit https://www.givey.com/explore to find a dementia charity to support or help spread awareness
  • Share this blog post to help spread the word with the #GiveyCommunity
  • Share our infographic below, to help yourself to reduce the chance of dementia.


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  1. Ferdie Kukard says:

    Want to know more about how to slow down the illness.Is there any effective treatments available?

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