8 Digital Tools Givey Use And How Charities Can Too

by Gemma Harbias

5 February 2018

With the encouragement for charities to become more digital, we wanted to share with you the digital tools we use and why we believe charities should use them too.

So let’s begin!

Project Management

  • Trello – This is a web-based project management application. It keeps track of everything from big projects to minute tasks. We use it to organise all our Givey projects and we highly recommend you do too!It will help manage your team tasks and stay on top of the progress. You can also create the boards how you like. A great organisational tool!


  • WordPress – This tool is useful to create your own website, blog or app. We used it to create this blog article and what’s great is that you can write an article that ticks all the boxes when it comes to SEO and Readability ratings. With it’s high performance and free to use software you can’t go wrong with this digital tool.


  • Slack – I’ll be honest, since we have been using this software we have had less emails going back and forth within the team and it has proved to be much more productive. Simply because you don’t fall behind on emails or get bombarded by so many. Slack is a platform that keeps your team connected at all times. It helps communication throughout your team and keeps conversations organised and accessible. You can also communicate on the go with their app so you don’t miss a thing! There is so much more it can do so definitely check it out!


Social Media

  • CoSchedule – This is a calendar for all your social media networks. You can control them all on one platform and schedule posts months in advance. It has saved us lots of time especially with the Requeue feature that reschedules your posts in the future for you to help fill up those gaps in your calendar. It also gives you the best time to post, analytics, great support and management for a very important aspect of marketing for your business. There is also a app available so you can manage the account on the go and set reminders of when to send your Instagram post.
  • TweetDeck – For Twitter only, this dashboard will let you manage your twitter account. From scheduling, engaging and creating the boards that are most important to you.
  • Crowdfire – This tool will help you find articles and images for you to share on social media. It will schedule and customise your posts for many of the social networks therefore saving you lots of time.

Data and Analytics

  • Google Analytics – A great tool to get strong insights of your website. From a range of marketing analytics you can see what your viewers are interested in, web traffic and much more.


  • Canva – Create your own designs and use Canva’s beautiful choice of images. Whether it for social media, email, presentations, pretty much anything, Canva has you covered. You don’t have to be a expert in designing to use Canva because of its easy to use features and training videos.

Customer Service/Email Marketing

  • Intercom – A very handy tool for you to connect with customers. You can communicate with your customers through one platform and stay on top of it all with regular notifications sent to you.
  • MailChimp – An automated marketing platform for your email marketing. Useful for large and small charity organisations.

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