Latest Snapshot Of Registered Charities

by Gemma Harbias

19 January 2018

The Charity Commission has published it’s latest report of statistics, of the registered charities in England and Wales.

Figures show whilst most charities in England and Wales are small to very small organisations, a vast majority of the income is generated and received by a small minority.

Latest figures for 2017 show there were 168,237 registered charities in England and Wales with the following report:

Small Charities vs Big Charities

  • Income between £0 and £10,000 – 65,656 charities = 39% of registered charities
  • Income between £10,001 and £100,000 – 57,570 charities = 34.2% of registered charities
  • Income between £100,001 to £500,000 – 22,330 charities = 13.3% of registered charities
  • Income over £5,000,000 – 2,250 charities
  • Income not yet known – 11,247 charities

These figures show smaller charities received 3% altogether of the total income where as the larger charities 72.2% of all the income raised by all the charities.

The figures are based on the annual gross income reported by charities in their annual returns. You can view more from the Charity Commission via

To join us in increasing the income for these small charities visit and explore the range of organisations and causes you can support today.


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