Charity Review: Water Harvest

by Gemma Harbias

14 November 2017

Water Harvest – Making Every Drop Count

For many, water is taken for granted. The importance of having it in your life is not known until you see people in water poverty. Only then do you feel grateful for having constant easy access to water and only then do you wish it was easily available for everyone in the world.

Water helps to grow food, water helps to keep you clean and healthy, water is needed for every person on this planet. So what can we do to reduce water poverty? So many families and children lack the access of clean water every day and because of that they have to survive on dirty water which they have to travel far to get. This dirty water does not keep them clean and healthy and does not help grow enough food for their families.

So, to end this water poverty we need to work together and support those in need. That is where charities like Water Harvest come in. Previously known as Wells For India, Water Harvest are a non-profit organisation founded in 1987. Their mission is:


“Working with rural communities to harvest the monsoon rains, enabling the poorest people to reap the benefits of safer and sustainable water.” 



They provide sustainable water source for the poorest communities in India by creating expertly designed solutions to capture rain water and store it. They then use this clean water for water harvesting, drinking water and much more. See how below!

How have Water Harvest charity made ‘Every Drop Count’?

  • Providing jobs for women
  • Providing quicker access to clean water giving women more time on other activities
  • Allowing Women more involvement in community development
  • Increasing sanitation and hygiene education in schools and communities
  • Providing toilets in every household
  • Allowing communities to farm in a safer environment
  • Taankas to collect rainwater during monsoon
  • Irrigation systems
  • Roof rain water harvesting systems
  • Well renovation
  • Johads
  • Chaukas

So many great solutions this charity are doing to improve the lives of the communities in India. So I wanted to take this opportunity to show you how much progress there has been because of your donations.

Water harvesting solutions being built to help grow more food.

Many crops now grow providing more food for the communities

You can see more pictures on our Instagram profile about how your donations are used and how much it helps the charity. Visit @giveyhq to see our CEO, Neil Mehta’s journey to India visiting Water Harvest.

You can also show your support via the charity’s Givey platform and by sharing our post you are taking a step to raising awareness about water poverty and Water Harvest charity.

For more information about Water Harvest visit



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