Charity Review: Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospice

by Gemma Harbias

10 November 2017

We are so excited to announce a great charity on the Givey platform!

Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospice are a community-based hospice. They support children that from life-limiting or life-threathing illnesses by providing a range of services for the children, their families and siblings, with continued support after the families bereavement.

For such a sad moment in their lives, Noah’s Ark provide high quality care and is a organisation to be trusted to offer you and your child the care you need.

“At Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospice we help families make every precious moment count.”

So I’m sure you would agree with us that this is a charity to shout out about! Noah’s Ark provide many needed services for what is probably the hardest time in a parents life. This is a cause where a lot of support and care is needed not only for the child but their loved ones too and Noah’s Ark do just that.

Another reason we wanted to raise awareness about this charity is because we would really like their current project to succeed, this project of theirs is, Building the Ark. However, this will only be possible with your support so here’s some information about what its all about and how you can be part of a great opportunity to help these children and their families.

Building The Ark

  • 7.5 acre nature reserve
  • The hospice building that Central and North London desperately needs
  • A comforting place for that final transition
  • To offer a range of palliative care services
  • A place for children to enjoy some relaxation and adventure
  • A place for everyone to stay the night and be together for one another
  • £2 million needs to be raised to finish the Ark
  • This will help the Noah’s Ark team create precious memories for the children and their families

There are many ways you can get involved to support this project. Visit

As well as this, you can fundraise on our Givey platform or donate to them via

Don’t forget to help us spread awareness by sharing this blog post with the #GiveyCommunity and #NoahsArkChildrensHospice

Every little helps and we appreciate all you can offer! Givey.

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