10 Tips for a Great School Fundraising Activity

by Gemma Harbias

19 October 2017

How to arrange a great school fundraising activity can be difficult!

There’s a lot to think about when planning a fundraising activity, from choosing what to do, making the time, providing the resources and receiving support from your PTA.

Having second thoughts? Don’t worry!

It may sounds stressful but it doesn’t have to be. Take a deep breath and read on!

We have provided our 10 tips for a great school fundraising activity! So you can relax and start planning a successful school fundraising activity.

  1. Choose a date that doesn’t clash with anything else e.g. public holidays, elections
  2. Invite press to your event to raise the profile and the funds
  3. Make it fun! Dress up smart, fancy dress, themed night, incorporate something special
  4. Advertise way in advance
  5. Venue choice depends on your type of audience and type of activity so decide accordingly
  6. If you’re making something, make it yourself to show the personal touch
  7. When choosing a charity to raise money for, choose a cause that can teach the children at the same time e.g. children, education, families, poverty
  8. Get the kids involved with the hosting and organising to learn about responsibilities
  9. A check list is always useful, have one for before and during the event
  10. Thank everyone for helping and contributing after the event. Send emails/letters and face-to-face appreciation whilst mentioning the success of the fundraising activity

Good Luck!

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