6 Ways to Put the Fun in Fundraising

by Gemma Harbias

30 September 2017

Why Fun Fundraising Ideas?

When it comes to raising money for your charity, you want to raise as much as possible! One way of doing this, is choosing a fun fundraising activity to attract your donors and keep people interested. This is important when fundraising because it can mean repetitive donors, more funds and more support! The more interest you get, the more donations you will receive!

So why not try out one of our fun fundraising ideas!

  1. Talent Show – Running a talent show gives people great entertainment. In return the donations can be the tickets you sell for the show plus any extra during the show.
  2. Hairless – Participants can shave their heads or long lasting beards in return for donations for your charity.
  3. Fancy Dress Race – run a marathon/race in a funny costume, give people a laugh whilst raising money!
  4. Dodgeball – organise a dodgeball activity with two teams. Ask each person to donate how much they want and get dodging! Invite people to come watch too with the option to donate.
  5. House Party – have a charitable house party around a special event or holiday. Visitors can donate as much as they want or offer prizes or party favours in return for a donation.
  6. Gaming Marathon – Organise a video gaming marathon. You can live stream the event to reach a larger audience and viewers can donate.

Share with us your fun fundraising activities and sign-up to Givey to start your fundraising journey!

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