Effective CSR For Your Business

by Gemma Harbias

10 August 2017

Improve your company’s CSR with these simple steps

As well as doing your own individual charitable activities, supporting a charity within your company, can help your business in many ways. Here’s why you need to find charity to work with;

  • Public Relations – You can have better public relations by sharing your stories. When viewers visit your site they will see all the activities your company has done to help the charity. It will also show to clients, partners and customers that the company is dedicated to charitable causes. Lastly, if applying for a business award, good CSR is considered in applications.


  • Corporate Identity – Define your identity by showing a charitable element of your brand. This will show everyone that your company is trustworthy, ethical and different from other competitors, aiding your brand image and recruitment tools.


  • Employee Relations – Enhance the relationship with your employees by making time for your employees to raise money for the companies charitable causes. They can take part in fundraising activities and volunteer. By doing this they are not taking time out from their work or family life and instead using work time to build the the companies CSR


  • Employee Retention – Give your employees a chance to give back to their communities. They will feel proud to work for the company which will bring loyalty and better retention.


  • Team Building – By raising money as a team, you can work with other departments and work outside the ‘office’. This brings on better unity within the company as you work towards your goals.


  • Networking Opportunities – By supporting a charity, you can network with many other business people which can bring on business opportunities as well as supporting a good cause.


Start building your companies CSR for a better brand image and much more.

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