Why You Should Think About Small Charities When Fundraising

by Gemma Harbias

28 June 2017

How to help the smaller charities through fundraising

Fundraising is hard work but to fundraise for a small charity is rewarding and vital.

Billions of donations are given to charities every year, however the results from our survey, The Forgotten 95%: The Truth behind Britons’ Charitable Donationsshow most charitable donations go to the larger charities, leaving just 10% for the smaller charities. This means the smaller charities struggle to run their charity and help their cause. As well as this, the smaller charities don’t have the funding for public exposure to the extent the larger charities do, which leaves them forgotten about.

Luckily, there are ways you can help these small charities, all you need is your digital device e.g. laptop, ipad and follow our simple steps!

Download our Infographic on ‘6 Ways To Help Small Charities When You’re Fundraising’. 



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