Charity Review – La Renaissance

by Gemma Harbias

28 June 2017

At Givey, we like to do all we can to offer a helping hand to charities and fundraisers so they can help those in need, like La Renaissance Charity.  Today we want to help this charity raise more awareness by writing this blog article, about why we believe this is a good charity to support.

About The Charity

La Renaissance charity is a primary school, established in 2004 in Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso in West Africa. The school has many children from all backgrounds with a range of different abilities and needs, specifically those who are visually impaired who would not have access to education. The country is also overcrowded and classes tend to have too many children in them. La Renaissance limit the number of pupils in each class so each child has a better learning environment. Within each class are 2 teachers who both are literate in Braille.


La Renaissance have 6 classrooms and the number of pupils are increasing. Although the children are benefiting from the education, the cost to run the school and education is rising. Along with this a secondary school is in demand and although it would greatly benefit the pupils as the grow older, the support is needed to make this happen. This support is needed from donors, fundraisers and many more.

Givey Review

At Givey, we feel education is a key part of life and all children should have the opportunity to gain some learning to benefit their lives in the future. This is an incredible charity providing education for children who are less fortunate then ourselves. They provide a school, teachers, resources and most importantly a chance for these children to be educated. At Givey we support this charity and would like you to too. So far they have raised £2,419 on Givey, let’s help them increase this by sharing this article and spreading the good word!

Follow the links below to be a supporter and help bring an academic life for these children.

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