Charity Review – Urban Shift

by Gemma Harbias

8 June 2017

At Givey, we like to do all we can to offer a helping hand to charities and fundraisers so they can help those in need. We do this in a several ways such as; our Donation Platform, the Givey App, Blogs and lots more! One of our most important goals is to help the smaller charities receive more awareness, donations and support.

For this reason we wanted to talk about a charity on the Givey platform called, Urban Shift.

About the Charity

Urban Shift charity are based in Bolton, UK and help people locally and abroad. Their aim is to make life changing experiences of those less fortunate by helping them develop new skills and much more.

This is done by running projects in South Africa at their Khaya Centre. These projects range from a variety of activities such as, community projects, holiday clubs and they aim to help those in poverty and in need by utilising the needs of the Khaya Centre .

Givey Review

We chose to review Urban Shift charity because we believe they are a good cause to support because they are working to reduce poverty not just in the UK but abroad too. Not only this but they have raised £1,634.00 on the Givey platform and have had many fundraisers working hard to raise funds for them. You can view some  of the great work these fundraisers are doing below.


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