Charity Review – Chance for Change

by Gemma Harbias

1 June 2017

At Givey, we like to do all we can to offer a helping hand to charities and fundraisers so they can help those in need. We do this in a several ways such as; our donation platform, the Givey app, articles and lots more! One of our most important goals is to help the smaller charities receive more awareness, donations and support.

On this occasion we wanted to talk about Chance for Change, a small charity on the Givey platform.

About the Charity

Chance for Change is a great charity, that supports young people in the UK, Malawi and Nepal. These young people are in need of help because they are either homeless, unemployed, in conflict with the law or other challenging life circumstances which unfortunately have affected their lives in many ways.

Why this is an important cause, is because these young people are the future, as are many other young adults and children. However, these young people in particular are challenged in life to progress because of their difficulties. This is where Chance for Change comes in.

How the Charity Helps

How they help these young adults is through innovative programmes, focusing on their strenghts by providing hands on experience. Not only this, they partner with other organisations, “looking to influence and strengthen and not compete” (Chance for Change). There is so much more this charity does for these young adults and at Givey, we feel this is a great organisation giving young people a fresh start in life!

Our USP is not in what we choose to do, but the way that we choose to do it.” Chance for Change

Some Facts About the Charity

  • Just under 5,000 young people, on three continents since late 2011 have been reached out to and helped
  • On Givey, Chance for Change have so far received 26 donations totaling, £413.10
  • They have many supporters
  • Jessica Mckillop fundraised on Givey and ran a marathon to raise money, she received donations over her target goal
  • Lyn Trainor and many others will be sleeping rough in the woods to raise money for the charity and reach their target goal

To donate to these fundraisers and Chance for Change visit or click on the link above.



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