World Turtle Day 2017

by Gemma Harbias

23 May 2017

Do you love Turtles? Who doesn’t! So let’s celebrate by bringing awareness and helping those few turtles left in our world on World Turtle Day 2017!

If you’ve never heard of World Turtle Day before then let me tell you about why it’s so great!

World Turtle Day was created as an annual observance to help you all protect, all species of turtles and tortoises around the globe, including their habitats that are unfortunately, disappearing. Founded in 1990 American Tortoise Rescue is the founding sponsor of World Turtle Day. Since then ATR have placed about 3,000 turtles and tortoises in caring homes. For more information on how to care for these incredible species, visit ATR’s website above.

How can you help?

There are several ways you can help celebrate this event so, to get you started I’ve included a variety of activities for you to choose from. Whatever you decide to do, you are helping turtles all over the world!


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