New Feature: Fundraising Page Photo Galleries

by Lyndsey Gardiner

3 April 2017

Today we’re excited to announce a new feature for our fundraising pages – photo galleries!

It’s been shown that photos on social media get much more interaction and engagement compared to posts without photos because they make it a lot easier and quicker to digest the information being shown, often with the help of a short caption, which is why we’re pleased to be able to bring this to you, as it’ll help you engage your supporters more!

There are many ways you can use our new feature to help you get more donations – some ideas we came up with include:

  • If you’re doing a run, you can post photos of you training for the big day, and photos of the run itself.
  • If you’re cutting your hair, you could post before and after photos to show the dramatic difference between the two.
  • If you’re raising money for a cat shelter, you could post photos of the cute kittens that will be helped by the money raised.


If you’re a fundraiser admin, to get started with this new feature, all you have to do is head over to your fundraising page and click the Upload Photos and you’ll be able to add multiple images to your gallery, along with captions so you can let your supporters know what each photo is about.

Happy fundraising!

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