New features – Show offline donations, charity role transfers & inline profile editing

by Carl Markham

9 December 2016

At Givey, we work with a continuous integration strategy. That is to say, we are
continuously adding features and deploying those to the production site.
Because of this, there can be several features added in a day.

Today, I will go through some of the features that have been added.

Offline Donations

This feature was requested quite a lot. Fundraiser owners usually receive donations
either on another website, or via cash amounts from friends, families or sponsored events.
Because of this, you wanted a way to add this amount to your fundraisers, so that the
total amount on Givey would reflect the total amount raised across all forms.

Well, now you can. In your Fundraiser Settings you will see an Offline Amount. It’s a simple
field, accepting pounds and pence. When you update this, your Fundraiser total will take it into
account when displaying your total. For example, if you raised £20 on Givey, and received £20.50 in
cash donations, your Fundraiser total will display £40.50.

The tech part:

There wasn’t really anything special regarding this change in terms of tech. A simple database column
was enough.

Inline Profile Editing

While not a requested feature, we thought it made sense to allow you to change certain bits of
information while viewing your profile, so you didn’t have to go to the settings page to change
just the name of your user account.
When you are viewing your profile, you can simply click on your name and will be able to change it.
Once you have changed it, simply click the tick next to the name to save the changes.

The tech part:

This was a front end update, so some Javascript was needed to make the change seamless.
We have a modular based system for Javascript, which we created so that we could easily add
different modules.

Ownership transfers

Since we added roles to Charity’s, Projects and Fundraisers, we had a few requests to change the roles.
Sometimes, a user would leave the Charity so ownership of the Givey page would need to be transferred to
someone else.
Because of this, we have given you the ability to transfer ownership to any other Admin within your
organization in your settings page.

The tech part:

The way it is set up, each Charity must have an owner. This works the same way for Projects, Businesses,
and Fundraisers but I will use Charities as an example.
Because they require an owner, and only one owner, the transfer isn’t as simple as just adding a new owner.
If that were to happen, there would be 2 owners, which would fail the model validation.
So, when a transfer takes place, we grab the owner and delete their role from the database. This
doesn’t touch the Charity model, so there are no validation errors to worry about here.
Once that is removed, we get the admin role and update the grant type to owner. Then, we simply
create a new role for the previous owner, with the grant type of admin.

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