Mental Health Week: How do you cope?

by Givey Team

19 February 2016

Mental Health is becoming more highly talked about in our society to raise awareness for ‘one of the great issues of our time’ with a growing number of people in the UK seeking help. BBC One has dedicated two weeks of television time to explore this subject in closer detail, ranging from; news and drama to documentaries.

‘Starting on Monday 15 February, the season will include stories of life and death, hope, scientific discovery and much more to help raise public awareness and understanding of issues relating to mental health.’

The view the full list of television covering this topic click here.

Comics online regarding mental health have been circulated in the last week to develop the way that we talk about the illness, according to illustrators.

“People feeling isolated and struggling to find the right words to open up about their illness are finding support through drawings, according to artists who have seen their work go viral.

The comic below was created by German cartoonist Sylvie Reuter, click here to view more:

Mental Health Week

The BBC Media Centre have been reporting on the events: ‘James Harding, Director of BBC News, says: “This is a moment when we stop and reflect on one of the big issues of our time, one that touches all of us. We will report and examine – with all the BBC’s expertise, insight and understanding – on what’s really happening in mental health.”

Charlotte Moore, Controller BBC TV Channels and iPlayer, says: “Ten years on since Stephen Fry’s Emmy-award-winning film about manic depression, it now feels like the right time to bring this important subject to a mainstream audience on BBC One. To find out what has changed, what progress has been made and what the future holds for people living with mental health conditions in the UK. Over the last decade, we’ve broken down taboos, and medical advances mean we have a greater understanding of the brain than ever before, but we’re not there yet. There is still so much more that needs to be done.”’

As part of Mental Health Awareness week, to support the 1 in 4 people who experience mental health issues you can let other know how you cope and any top tips. What do you do? Who do you speak to? If you feel comfortable, you can send an image to the BBC with or without yourself in, adding the hashtag #InTheMind. You can also donate to charities such as; Falkirk’s Mental Health Association or The Scottish Association for Mental Health to support your local community and those struggling, and don’t forget to tune into the programmes to explore the topic further and find out different ways to tackle mental health.

Written by Emma Barnett

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