The Selfie Phenomena & the Participation Struggle #smearforsmear

by Givey Team

30 January 2015
The Selfie Phenomena & the Participation Struggle

“I was cajoled into the selife by Emily – its for an important cause at least! :)” – Anon

I cannot believe how challenging it was, and I mean a genuine struggle, to get these guys to do this photo.

“But the cause doesn’t really mean anything to me”

“I don’t really get it, no one’s going to know if I donated or not”

Completely, irrevocably valid points.

It has to mean something. Otherwise, its just bit empty. Perhaps my gender enabled me to feel an innate sense of compassion towards the cause; the stats trouble me, its empowering to raise awareness about something that feels achievable (ie. encouraging more women to take up their smear tests) – sure, the prompt came from a barrage of social media coverage and a stream of similar looking selfies but the sentiment and action of giving was all that I really wanted to take part in. its just another reason to give. I don’t need that reason to give, but I’m more than happy for one to be thrown my way.

Good team fun, a positive outcome for a charity and no real harm feasible were the 3 big triggers for me. But those weren’t enough for the guys. It needed to be personally pertinent – there were many other causes and issues that moved them and they’d rather put their cash there.

I totally agree. New Givey in April will enable this. But in the meantime, I’m happy to partake, do some good and have a giggle.

As fascinating as our different reactions were, one thing I think we can be united in, is that freedom to respond to stimulus and digital content is pivotal to linking empathy with a meaningful action.

I’m literally bursting at the seams for the new Givey to come through – for the first time ever, the act of donating and the stimuli will be inextricably linked; whatever that content or cause may be. And that’s pretty bloody exciting.

The Selfie Phenomena & the Participation Struggle

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