The Burner – Keep Fit and Do Good!

by Givey Team

28 January 2013

Here at Givey we are excited about using our tech for good, and we’ve got a number of great innovations coming up this year like The Burner!

This week we are delighted to launch a new app, The Burner. The Burner combines the fitness activity tracking of Runkeeper with the good-cause donating of Givey, to provide a fun, social experience which we believe will help make giving fun and more rewarding.

So how does it work?

Simply create yourself a fitness goal at, and invite your mates to bet against you succeeding! As you begin logging the miles on Runkeeper (Runkeeper can track activity from over a dozen sports, including cycling, running, hiking and skiing) , The Burner will update friends of your progress. If you successfully complete your challenge, their cash will go straight to your nominated charity! If you fail, you must pay out to theirs!

The Burner – Keep Fit and Do Good!

Since we unveiled plans for The Burner at our Founder Dave Erasmus’ recent TEDx Chisinau talk there has been a real buzz about it, and we believe this will be one of many examples this year of creating fun, rewarding opportunities to raise money for good causes.

The beauty of apps like The Burner is combining two existing communities in order to provide a more fulfilling and fun experience, and we believe that The Burner will not only raise lot’s of money for good causes, it will also incentivise people to keep fit!

Whilst we were testing The Burner, I had a relatively large sum of money bet against me (all in good spirits I’m sure!), and in order to complete my challenge (to run 20 miles in 7 days) I needed this extra incentive to keep getting out of the door in the snow and ice! Whether it’s the banter on Facebook or the £s for charity at stake, we are excited to see how people enjoy using The Burner.

So go on, head to The Burner, create a challenge, and invite your mates to place a wager!

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