How to Give Money through Givey

by Givey Team

12 December 2012

Giving money with Givey is easy, so let us help to cover the basics of donating for you so you can start supporting the causes you care about most!

How to Give Money through Givey

Do I need to sign up with Givey?

Yes; like most other fundraising sites we require you to create an account with us to Give. This means you can collect all your giving information and follow the charities you care about. Signing in also means you can enable Gift Aid.

How do I raise funds?

Use Givey to raise funds for whatever you care about. Whether you want to raise awareness for a particular cause, contribute to the refurbishment of a community building or share an inspiring story, the causes you support will receve 100% of each donation.

We raise funds a little differently here, letting you post a photo, video, blog, or even a song, to represent what you’re raising money for. ‘Post’ your web links from any of our integrated websites such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Vimeo and your page is created! Add a title, donate £1 (or more), and start sharing your page to inspire real change.

We’ll show the total raised from each link you share on Givey.

Can I Gift Aid my Donation?

Absolutely, either add details for Gift Aid on the page you are taken to after donating or head to your ‘Settings’ and under the ‘Donations’ and the Gift Aid will be claimed retrospectively when you pop in your details.

Will the amount of my donation be visible?

We believe that the amount of money we each give is the wrong metric to measure, and it’s much more important to focus on the frequency with which we give. We show how much we’ve raised collectively for a cause, but we don’t show how much each individual has given, as we don’t feel that’s an important thing to measure.

How long until the money I donated reaches the charity?

Charities are either paid weekly or by a time they have specified to receive funds in their payment options.

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