Charities – how to get started with Givey

by Givey Team

12 December 2012

If you’re a charity using Givey for the first time, here’s a few tips to get started!

1) Update your profile page.

Add your logo, a short introduction, and change your unique Givey tag if you want to. This Givey tag is what enables people to make donations to you via twitter and text, so make sure it’s clear and easy to understand. You’re now ready to raise some money!

2) Email your current friends and supporters.

Send a link to your profile page to your close friends and supporters to let them know you’re on Givey. Maybe ask them to make a small donation by hitting the DONATE button. This will either allow them to give straight away, or it will take them through a short signup process, and then they can make a donation. This will help everyone see how easy it is to use Givey – and will hopefully encourage them to get more involved!

3) Ask your supporters to support you as their charity.

For those that want to get more involved, ask them to select you as their supported charity in their Givey account. This means they can use their personal Givey tag to raise money for you through their own networks. They can host events, or simply ask their friends to tweet or text their Givey tag, and all donations will come straight to you as their supported charity!

4) Raise some money!

If you host live events, ask people to sign up for Givey as part of your registration process. Why not try it yourself now?

5) Get Social!

Make sure you share you include a link to your profile page on your website and social media bios. Once you start receiving donations these will appear in your activity stream and you can add photos and stories, and even share with your facebook page!

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