5 Ways to Help Ukraine

by Givey Team

16 March 2022
As the Russian invasion on Ukraine threatens more and more innocent lives, we would like to share with you ways you can help Ukraine.

The world has be hurt by the devastation that Russia has invaded Ukraine on February 24th 2022. The UN has reported over 1.7 million Ukrainians have become refugees. Parents have had to take heartbreaking measures to protect their children from the war. Families have been killed and homes have been destroyed.

The Ukraine president, Volodymr Zelenskyy said “targeting civilians is a war crime, and it’s totally unacceptable.” These are extremely terrible times and we must work as one to support those people in need of our help.


Many organisations are supporting Ukraine and refugees. Many UK charities are supporting and doing all they can to help. With your donations it can reach the people in need much quicker than donating clothes, blankets etc. Donating on Givey will mean 100% plus Gift Aid of your donation will go to Ukraine and the people of Ukraine. You can either find a charity to donate to, request a charity to sign up so you can donate to them or select some of our fundraisers and charities below currently raising funds for Ukraine.

Jill is raising funds for MOOL charity (Massive Outpouring of Love) by running a yoga event – https://www.givey.com/yogaforukraine

Ganna is raising funds for Wheely Tots charity – Ganna has relative and friends in Ukraine that have been severely affected by the war. She wants to raise £350 plus collect basis necessities such as toiletries, batteries, paracetamol etc. https://www.givey.com/gannaforukraine

Graham Street Park Library #standwithukraine by raising funds for Ukraine rather than the library because this disaster has touched us all. All money raised will match the UK Governments Aid Match scheme. https://www.givey.com/littlefreelibrary

There are many more fundraisers and charities you can donate to on www.givey.com

Clothing and Bedding

As well as financial donations, charities are collecting goods such as clothes, bedding, sanitary items. Check your local community groups or charity organisations to see where you put your donations to good use.


People living in the UK can help by volunteering with an organisation to support refugees and people seeking asylum. Many people have been offering their homes, jobs and transport to help them settle down.

Take Action

Speak up and share #StandWithUkraine on social media to help spread the word and support refugees. People are raising their voices to say ‘no to war’ against President Putin. Show care and support to Ukrainians and spread the word for the UK Government to provide a safe passage and protection to the refugees.

Stay Informed

Lastly, stay informed on the latest news of the Ukraine crisis. Be sure to check which is real news so you can share the stories to raise awareness of the help that is needed. Also by sharing this blog article you are joining the Givey Community in supporting Ukraine @giveyhq and helping more people know the ways they can help Ukraine.

The Givey Community #StandWithUkraine and wish the people of Ukraine safety and protection during these dreadful times.

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