Givey Platform Top Tips

by Ella Dunthorne

20 September 2021

Todays top tip is to get started with your Givey platform account and what better time to start than now?

I will talk you through all of the features available on your Givey dashboard and how to manage your account.

Step 1 – Access Your Profile

To begin, click on the icon with your charity name at the top of your Givey page, and select ‘settings’.
Then, click on the button called ‘profile’ at the top of the page. You can use this to personalise your charity page by uploading a banner or avatar for your supporters to view.

Step 2 – Add Images

Click ‘upload photo’ under ‘your avatar’ or ‘your banner’ and select which photo you wish to transfer from your computer files.

Step 3 – Add Your Charity Details

This page also allows you to enter and edit a lot of details including: your charity name, tagline, third party amount, registered charity ID and tax ID. You can also write a brief description about your charity in the text box called ‘description’. This allows you to provide more information for your donors to see, such as what your donations will go towards.

Step 4 – Add Social Media Accounts

You will also be able to enter any social media handles you might have such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and your charity website. This will mean that your donors can connect and interact with you more effectively.

Step 5- Save

Once you are happy with the information you have added, click the button ‘update information’ at the bottom of the page. It will then save the changes you have made.

Step 6 – Say Thank You

Then, add a thank you message that will be automatically sent to your donors following a contribution to your charity. You can do this by typing your desired message into the text box titled ‘thank you message’ below.

Step 7 – Add A Donate Button

Givey also allows a donate button to be added to your website via the charity widget section in the settings part of your charity page.

To find out how to add a donate button to your website read this:
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Step 8 – Add Incentives

Lastly, a great Givey feature for you to make use of is the incentives highlight. To add these go to the bar across the top of the page and click incentives. Enter a title, a specific donation and what this amount of money could achieve.

To watch a video explaining how to get started with Givey, click on the YouTube icon below!

We hope you’ve found this short tutorial useful.

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