The Givey Community

by Gemma Harbias

20 August 2018

The Givey Community – WHAT it is and WHY you should be part of it!

I would like to start off by explaining what a COMMUNITY is. A community is a segment of people who form relationships as a result of shared goals, experiences, and interests. Otherwise known as, a COMMON BOND. It is not a place for selling products and/or services. However a place where members form relationships with each other.

The Givey Community is a space for fundraisers, donors, volunteers and charity professionals to get together in a safe environment. Members can connect with others who have the same interest, support newbies in the charity field and be successful in their tasks. The common bond is, supporting GOOD CAUSES. So we welcome all those who have a passion in making a difference to our world because together we can achieve 100x better!

Share our inforgraphic below on the 3 Benefits When Joining The Givey Community with the #GiveyCommunity so we can get started on a promising future for supporting good causes and all those involved.


To join, click the link below so you too can CONNECT, SUPPORT and THRIVE! 

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