How To Discover Local Fundraising Opportunities

by Gemma Harbias

1 August 2017

Your local community is a good place to start fundraising

By raising money in your local area you will be helping out the smaller charities. The small charities are often forgotten about so by supporting them, you are raising awareness about the charity too. So we have laid out a simple guide on how to start your local fundraising journey!

Where to start

  • Local Businesses or Shops – to donate, offer gifts or contributions in any way
  • Local Institutions – Educational institutes such as schools
  • Local Organisations – clubs and trusts
  • People you know – family, friends and neighbours
  • Local raffles and lottery – see legal requirements
  • Givey Location Feature – To find your local charity

Planning Your Fundraising

  1. When and Where – Find a local community or area in which your fundraising event can take place
  2. Marketing – spread the word in your local area to people you may know and businesses. Send emails, leaflets and post messages on social media
  3. Budget – work out the costs and how much the tickets will be sold for. Keep in mind the bills and all other expenses, big and small
  4. Legality – Be sure that everything is legal, carry out a risk assessment of the area and check for any regulations or licensing laws that apply to your event at the Institute of Fundraising website
  5. Gift Aid – Check if you can claim gift aid for your event
  6. Thanking people – send out thankyou emails, personal and messages to all who attended, contributed and donated. You can also acknowledge them at the event. Let everyone know how much was raised and how it will help the cause.




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