Korean LG Challenger Programme

by Givey Team

26 August 2015

Thankfully, its not wildly unusual to get appreciative mail at Givey through our support inbox. However, when we received a challenger programme request to travel all the way from South Korea to visit Givey here in little old Leatherhead, we did do a bit of a double-take.

The mail came from a wonderful chap named Changoon Lee, a student and participant in the LG World Challenger Programme. The Programme comprises an international expedition to seek out the world’s best thinkers in a chosen area; anything in the fields of Natural Science, Information Technology, Engineering, Economy, Management, Humanity, Social Science, Culture and Art. The findings of the successful student teams are published as a yearly book as well as on the LG Global Challenger website. The top prize for participants is an internship with potential for a future job offer.

For Changoon, his interest lay in social giving and the technology that underpins and facilitates it. Unbeknownst to Givey, Changoon and his team of 4 had been studying us from a distance, deepening their understanding of our payments procedure, our method and strategy regarding social integration, our plans for globalisation.

Korean LG Challenger Programme

Finding a team so impassioned and enthused by the enabling work of Givey was, quite frankly, miraculous and we felt royally humbled by the experience. Having met us in a small coffee shop in Victoria, we introduced our new friends to English Breakfast tea and conducted a2 hours interview with their team. The questions they asked were hugely intelligent and probing, exploring the early concepts behind Givey and how we have now evolved to an independent payments system and to broaden our support internationally. We had a really engaging time with the team, and cannot wait to see the outcome of all their work – we’ll be watching this space! Fantastic group of curious, next-generation thinkers….

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