Have you ever Tweeted a donation?

by Givey Team

12 December 2012

Here at Givey we are excited about new innovations like sending a tweet which can get more people giving and engaging with charities!

When we launched in 2011 we were shouting from the rooftops about our new product because we were the first place we knew of which allowed users to make charitable donations by a Tweet! We still believe this is a new and exciting idea, and want to tell you how you can make the most of it.

Let’s get the basics out of the way shall we! Once a user signs up for a Givey account and authorises their PayPal account, they are ready to make a gift-aided donation through SMS, Twitter or Online, no matter where they are.

Tweeted a donation

Tweeting a donation allows the action to be social and instantly shared with friends. We believe ‘social donations’ encourage others to get involved with the causes you are passionate about and increase the virality of your giving (that is, makes it more likely to be shared and enjoyed).

To Tweet a donation, a user simply needs to include the following tags in a tweet: #Givey #CharityGiveyTag £2. This can be included in any part of the tweet which gives the donor a chance to explain what their doing.

What happens if I re-tweet a donation? Well we are glad you asked. When a Givey user re-tweets a donation made by someone else, we will begin processing the donation and send them a quick email to make sure they wanted to make a donation themselves. If a non-users re-tweets a donation, we will tweet them a link which allows them to sign up to Givey and complete their donation.

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