Running Live Events with Givey. #1 Stitch Your Friends Up

by Givey Team

12 December 2012

Givey helps bring fundraising event to life, with our unique technology allowing you to engage donors in fun, digital, interactive giving experiences.

Our team has organised a number of events to put this to the test, and this series of blog posts will give you an insight into the kind of event you could run using Givey!

Stich Your Friends Up

The concept was simple: how much money were people willing to donate to charity in order to see their friends get stitched up live on stage! 4 unlikely heroes armed with their Givey Tags (unique personal shortcodes which we use for fundraising) agreed to be publicly stitched up if the audience reach their donation target for the night.

Running Live Events with Givey. #1 Stitch Your Friends Up

Each fundraiser was supporting a charity that meant something to them, and had a chance to explain why they were raising money. A Live Feed was displayed on the large screen, which showed the totals which had to be reached in order for each fundraiser to get stitched up, and the audience loved watching the stream which showed each donation as it happened in real time.

Mark, who was supporting BeatBullying, had agreed to eat a pizza. But this was no ordinary pizza! Each slice had a chilli on, with each chilli being hotter than the last. Mark had agreed that for every £25 donated, he would eat another slice of pizza, eventually progressing towards the £150 total which resulted in him having to eat the dreaded ghost chilli. The text and tweet donations poured in for #Mark’s Givey tag, and as the total was reached towards the end of the night Mark had to devour the whole pizza, chillis incuded!

The event was a huge success because it brought together a community of people, many of whom have little interaction with charities, and encouraged them to learn more about good causes and to give on the night. The personal aspect of seeing their friends get stitched up along with the totals displaying in real time on the large screen, added a hugely engaging and interactive element to the giving, whereby every donation counted towards the total and could be seen by everyone! As the deadline approach (giving was open for one hour whilst live music was enjoyed), donations flurried in to ensure everyone got stitched up.

If you would like to run an event like this then please get in touch with us. It’s easy. All you need is a venue, some willing fundraisers who won’t mind getting stitched up for a good cause, and their friends who will donate and engage with your charity on the night. We would LOVE to hear from you – email

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